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Travel Advisory ng Canada

Be alert to the danger of kidnapping in the Philippines. Although government action has reduced the frequency of kidnappings, kidnap-for-ransom remains a threat. Kidnappings have occurred throughout the country, including in Manila and several resort areas, and deaths have resulted… Read More ›

Travel Advisory ng Australia

Violent crime is a significant problem in the Philippines. Criminal gangs that drug and rob or assault unsuspecting tourists are active in Manila, including the Makati central business district, and in provincial resort towns. Random acts of violence occur frequently… Read More ›

Travel Advisory

Sa mga susunod kong blog posts ay magka-copy and paste lang ako ng travel advisoy mula sa iba’t ibang bansa. Mga portion ng travel advisory ng ilang bansa tungkol sa Pilipinas ang ipo-post ko. Ilang beses na nag-appeal ang ating… Read More ›