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Travel Advisory ng New Zealand

There is high risk to your security in the other provinces of Mindanao, and we advise against all non-essential travel to those areas due to the threat of terrorism, kidnapping and violent clashes between the military/police and terrorist and rebel groups.

There is some risk to your security elsewhere in the Philippines, including in Manila, due to the threat from terrorism and risk of kidnapping. We continue to receive reports that terrorists are planning attacks including in places frequented by foreigners such as large shopping malls and convention centres. New Zealanders are strongly advised to exercise a high degree of caution and pay close attention to personal security at all times when travelling anywhere in the Philippines.

Terrorist attacks could occur at any time, anywhere in the Philippines. In March 2011 at least five people were killed when a bomb exploded outside a school in Jolo City, Sulu. In January 2011 an explosion on a passenger bus in Makati City, Manila, killed five people and injured 13 others. While no link to any particular terrorist group has been confirmed, the possibility of such a link has not been ruled out. In August 2010 a bomb exploded at Zamboanga City airport, killing two people and injuring a number of others, including one foreigner.

There is a risk of kidnapping throughout the Philippines. Kidnap-for-ransom gangs target foreigners as well as Filipinos, including in Manila and coastal resort areas.

Crime continues to be a serious concern, especially in Manila. Criminal gangs are active in Manila, including in the Makati central business district, and have drugged and robbed unsuspecting tourists.

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Comment: Meron daw “risk of kidnapping throughout the Philippines”. Kahit kaya sa Babuyan Islands eh maaaring ma-kidnap ang mga foreigners?

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