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Travel Advisory ng Canada

Be alert to the danger of kidnapping in the Philippines. Although government action has reduced the frequency of kidnappings, kidnap-for-ransom remains a threat. Kidnappings have occurred throughout the country, including in Manila and several resort areas, and deaths have resulted in some cases. Be cautious when travelling to and around coastal areas and island resorts.

Petty crime and violent crime, sometimes involving guns, are a serious concern, especially in urban areas. Avoid showing signs of affluence or carrying large sums of money, and keep valuables in safekeeping facilities. Criminal gangs are active in Manila, including the Makati central business district, and have drugged and robbed unsuspecting tourists. Visitors should not accept offers of food, drink, or transportation from strangers and should not leave food or drinks unattended, particularly in bars. Bystanders have been hit by stray gunfire during armed robberies and subsequent pursuit of the perpetrators by authorities. Avoid disturbances, rallies, and demonstrations. Violent incidents may increase around election periods.

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Comment: Dapat yatang gumawa na rin ang DoT ng travel advisory to the Philippines for Filipinos.

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