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Travel Advisory ng United Kingdom

There is a high incidence of violent crime, including gun crime British nationals have been recent victims, but there is no evidence that they are specifically targeted.

Criminal gangs sometimes use terrorist tactics, such as kidnapping and explosions. Explosions attributed to criminal organisations have caused fatalities.

There is a high incidence of street crime and robberies . Sensible precautions include: arranging to be met at the airport or using hotel transfer services; using a driver or taxis from a reputable source and avoiding displays of cash or jewellery. You should beware of strangers offering drinks or confectionery; criminals intent on robbery may lace these to render the victim unconscious.

You should be particularly vigilant when travelling on public transport. Armed hold-ups have occurred on jeepneys and buses in the Philippines, and have in some cases resulted in fatalities. The roadworthiness of some of these vehicles is also a concern.

On 23 August 2010, an armed man hijacked a tourist bus in Manila. During the incident eight hostages were killed.

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Comment: Hmm, okay din na travel advisory ito para sa ating mga Pilipino ah.

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