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Travel Advisory ng Australia

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Violent crime is a significant problem in the Philippines. Criminal gangs that drug and rob or assault unsuspecting tourists are active in Manila, including the Makati central business district, and in provincial resort towns.

Random acts of violence occur frequently in the Philippines. In September 2010, a grenade was thrown into a large gathering of university students in Manila, seriously injuring a number of people. Other grenade attacks, the result of domestic grievances, have occurred in parts of Metro Manila frequented by foreigners.

As in many other big cities, street crime is of concern particularly in crowded shopping malls and other public places. Pickpocketing, bag snatching and a range of scams, including those involving credit cards and automated teller machines, are common.

Gun ownership is widespread and poorly regulated, contributing to a higher incidence of violent crime. Gunfights between police and criminals are common, including in parts of Manila frequented by foreigners. These incidents often result in multiple deaths and injuries, sometimes including innocent bystanders. If you witness a confrontation between police and criminals, you should leave the area immediately.

Basahin lahat dito: Australia Travel Advisory  (hanapin sa “Safety and Security” tab ng web page)

Comment: “Gunfights between police and criminals are common” daw. Bagama’t may mga instances nga nito tayong nababalitaan, karaniwang bahagi na ba ito ng araw-araw nating buhay para matawag na “common”?

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