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Crime is a significant concern in urban areas of the Philippines. Though U.S. citizens are not typically targeted for kidnapping, kidnappings and violent assaults do occur in Metro Manila and elsewhere. U.S. citizens should remain aware of their surroundings and exercise good judgment. Reports of confidence games, pick pocketing, internet scams, and credit/ATM card fraud are common. U.S. citizens should be wary of unknown individuals who attempt to befriend them, especially just after arrival in the country. It is best not to accept food, drink, or rides in private vehicles from strangers, even if they appear legitimate.

Taxis are the recommended form of public transportation. However, the following safeguards are important:  do not enter a taxi if it has already accepted another passenger and request that the meter be used. If the driver is unwilling to comply with your requests, please wait for another cab. It is also a good idea to make a mental note of the license plate number should there be a problem. When driving in the city, make certain that the doors are locked and the windows rolled up. All other forms of public transportation, such as the light rail system, buses, and “jeepneys” should be avoided for both safety and security reasons.

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Comment: Binanggit dito na isang “common” daw na bagay ang credit/ATM fraud. Nabalitaan ko na ang ganito sa mga Chinese pero wala pa akong nabalitaang ganito na ginawa ng isang Pilipino. Gaano kaya ka-“common” ang bagay na ito?

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