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How Well Do You Know About Philippine Independence? (Infographic)

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How Well Do You Know About Philippine Independence?
by: M2.0 Communications

118 Years After: How Well Do You Know About Philippine Independence?

Philippines is a haven for some of the world’s awesome tourist destinations, mouthwatering delicacies, and of course, home to the most hospitable people in the world. But did you know that the Philippines has a long line of history?

One being the unforgettable 1898 proclamation of independence. As the Filipinos realize that it’s time to break free from the Spanish rule, a revolution was ignited which led to claiming the long-clamored freedom from the 333-year rule of Spaniards. But a lot went down during the pivotal moment in Philippine history. And if you’re one of the Filipinos who would want to know more, you’re in luck!

M2.0, a PR company in the Philippines, brings you a breakdown on the events that took place during the country’s proclamation of independence and some interesting facts that you don’t want to miss. Click here.

4 thoughts on “How Well Do You Know About Philippine Independence? (Infographic)

  1. Here’s something that I learned from somewhere. We’ve always believed that the Philippines is directly under the control of Spain, right in Madrid. That wasn’t th case at all. The country was , in , fact, directly under the control of Mexico, and was considered a ” province ” of Mexico . Madrid thought the Philippines was just too far away. Jose Rizal never askd for independence. He was a Reformist and one of the reforms he wanted was that the Philippines should be under the direct control of Spain, not Mexico.

    1. i have not heard about that story about mexico before but it’s true that jose rizal did not want to be free from being a colony of spain but to be properly managed by the government of spain.

      1. And that’s also the reason why Jose Rizal officially became the national hero, proclaimed by the Americans…. because JR wasn’t an advocate of independence.

        1. i’ve heard that argument before but if that is the case, the americans should have chosen emilio aguinaldo as the national hero. he pledged allegiance to america to save himself (if the rumors are to be believed).

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