FOR SALE: The Philippine Islands

philippines for sale

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The Philippine Islands

You have the choice to purchase several groups of islands or the entire archipelago, whichever is suited to your budget.

The archipelago is surrounded by a vast body of water rich in minerals and abundant with aquatic resources. The main land has tropical weather and the climate is warm all year through. The islands are well known for their agricultural and farm produce due to its very favorable weather condition.

A large portion of the country’s population belongs to the working age group and with proper management and compensation, these people can be among the most skilled and competent workers around the globe.

The archipelago’s 7,107 islands, breath-taking beautiful sceneries and wealth of natural resources will not disappoint any potential owner.

Reason for selling the islands is because the country does not know how to manage itself. It has been struggling for almost 70 years now but to no avail. It is just now that the country realized it is time to give up.


South East Asia; East of Vietnam, North of Indonesia and South of Japan

300,000 sq. km.


– strategic location for commerce along the Pacific Ocean
– 3 to 5 hours by plane from mainland Asia
– warm, tropical climate throughout the year
– an unbelievable abundance in natural (land and aquatic) resources
– large young population



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21 replies

  1. sad but true.. we Filipinos are so proud for so many reasons that we are smart, masipag, maabilidad, maasahan and magaling sa english (that’s why it is so easy for some of us to make fun or belittle those who can’t speak it properly) pero napakahirap pa rin natin sa kabila ng mga qualities na nabanggit ko

  2. Nice.. Ang kyut naman ng reason… Management talaga.. Bakit nga ba talented naman ang pinoy pero mahina sa management… hmmmm….

  3. Hwaaattt!

  4. Magkano starting price?

  5. That’s too depressing. Is it really that bad ?

    • yes, many people think so except those who are in power…

      • It’s the people’s fault. They keep voting for them. As they say, they get what they deserve. Like in that place where they keep voting for that guy Revilla. The father was corrupt. 80 kids .How can he support them?then they voted in the son. And that guy Enrile.

        • sen. santiago said it herself, filipinos are not educated enough to vote and the leaders are not educated enough to lead… it’s a very big mess.

          i am starting to believe that the biggest mistake in philippine history is getting our independence (from the US) way too early for the country’s own good.

          • Sen. Santiago is correct.

            Who votes these kind of people in? they are the ones at fault… and the whole country suffers. Ir’s really a mess, isn’t it?

            • yes, it IS a mess.

              it seems that less and less educated people are exercising their right to vote during election season.

              that would be fine if they are doing it out of principle. like “boycott” the election to let the government know that we don’t trust the system.

              but corrupt politicians could always find uneducated people who cares less about the country’s future to vote for them.

              i think, if more educated people would get to vote during elections, we could bring the numbers to less popular but deserving candidates.

              the problem then would be when the comelec could make the registration and voting process convenient for voters in and out of the philippines. but that might not happen anywhere near the future.

              so the idea of selling the philippines to a 1st world low corruption level country like new zealand or denmark would be the best solution to all the problems in our country 😀

  6. Sa US para wala na tayong VISA

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