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Some Random Stuff You Might Find Out While Visiting the Philippines

Here are some random stuff you might find weird, questionable or inconvenient but totally common in my country. So please prepare yourself (emotionally and physically) if you think that is necessary.

  1. basic services are a privilege and not a right
  2. electricity and water could be disrupted sometimes
  3. hot water bath is not common in Filipino homes (hotels have them)
  4. there will be insects/bugs almost anywhere you go (yes, that includes cockroaches)
  5. if you’re male and you notice a sudden rise in popularity among the girls, they’re most probably after your money and not your body
  6. service crews everywhere you go will expect to get a tip from you for doing their job
  7. you are expected to be wealthy wherever you go
  8. people use hi-beams with their car during night-time even when they’re on regular streets (yes, we blow horns too)
  9. when you buy stuff, you might not get all the (coin) change you deserve
  10. people love karaoke (also called videoke) and depending on where you are staying, you may hear it throughout the night
  11. some men drink with their buddies outside their house or even if it is on the side of a roadway
  12. air pollution is terrible in densely populated cities (take necessary measures if travelling with kids, infants or if you are sensitive to air pollution)
  13. people will ask/dare you to eat balut
  14. internet/wifi is slow in most places
  15. most Filipinos cannot eat their meals without rice
  16. you will find it very uncommon to eat with a knife and fork
  17. most men do not use an umbrella even when it is raining
  18. guys could go out a short distance from their house without wearing a shirt on
  19. many homes have at least one family member outside the country that supports them financially
  20. cellphones are among the basic commodities of the people
  21. no matter what students or teachers tell you, basketball IS the national sport
  22. all the parts of a chicken can be cooked and eaten (nothing goes to waste)
  23. not all homes have flushes for their toilets (don’t worry most hotels do)
  24. floods caused by rain in some cities could reach up to 1 meter (3 feet) high
  25. traffic congestions inside Manila could stall cars for 1 to 3 hours
  26. the very long queue of people taking the MRT is an everyday occurence
  27. posters, banners, billboards of Politicians could be seen in almost any city you go
  28. drinking water may be bought in gallons from water purifying stations/shops
  29. you may get extra special treatment anywhere you go just for being a foreigner
  30. most people will smile while talking to you and that is despite whatever current condition they are in
smiling children
photo source: snipview.com

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