Why Visit or Live in the Philippines

You have probably read or heard many good reasons to visit the Philippines like the beaches or the warm weather. But here are some more reasons to visit the country that you probably do not often hear or read about.

1) Low cost of living

According to a survey, the Philippines is one of the countries with low costs of living.

I think at least half’s worth of your airplane and hotel costs combined together will be the worth of what you will save by taking advantage of the cheaper but good quality services available in the Philippines.

However, there is a possibility that you will be charged slightly higher compared to how much they charge the locals but you can negotiate.

2) Service fees (dentist, barber, car wash, etc.)

For less than $2, you can have a nice clean cut in 15 minutes or less! Sometimes, with an after massage as free added service.

Other service products are relatively cheaper too, provided, you know where to avail of these services. Because as many as there are cheap services, there are also many expensive places to go to have these services.

I don’t know how much those fees cost in your country but if you live in one of the G20/OECD member countries, I am sure those listed above will be way too cheaper in the Philippines compared to your country.

3) Female Doctors/Gynecologists/Obstetricians/Pediatricians

Many female patients feel awkward or uneasy with male doctors. Countries like Japan, have more male doctors than female doctors (even for fields that tend to the female anatomy).

In the Philippines, there are many female medical practitioners that female patients could consult with. So if you are a female visiting the Philippines, why not have a simple check‐up or consultation with our lady doctors.

This might also be the reason why, in a survey of gender equality, the Philippines was ranked among the Top Ten countries.

4) Fruits

If you love fruits, you will not be disappointed in the Philippines because fruits here are dirt cheap (compared to prices of fruits in wealthy countries). As of this writing, you can have all the pineapple, melon, banana, coconut or mango you can eat each for just under US$3/kg (but I’m sure you cannot eat that much).

5) Philippine products

Products made in the Philippines are reliable. I recommend clothes and leather products made in the Philippines. They last longer than products made in other countries and they have cheaper prices than those you can buy in wealthy countries.

6) Volunteer, outreach, charity projects

I am not really proud of this but if you are a foreigner who wants to do some humanitarian activity, there are many places in the Philippines where you can do this. No thanks to our corrupt politicians and government agencies, government money is not used properly and basic government services in several areas are poor.

Places such as those devastated by natural calamities or poverty stricken areas could always need volunteers.

7) We speak English

You won’t have to worry if you get lost or can’t find your way. You can ask anyone and you will be able to read most of the signs anywhere you go.

8) We love foreigners

You can have an unfair advantage over locals when it comes to service quality, friendliness and hospitality. Do not be surprised when in certain situations, you will get a special treatment just because you’re a foreigner.

9) We have the most beautiful beaches

The Philippines is popular for its beautiful tropical beaches and this year, CNN has cited Palawan as a perfect sailing trip destination.

In another survey, Palawan was voted as the best island to visit according to CN Traveler. Vigan and Boracay on the other hand, were finalists for the New Seven Wonder Cities of the World for 2014.

10) Foreigners can easily adapt in the Philippines

A survey for expats have ranked the Philippines as one of the 14 best countries to raise a family. And in another survey, about 6 out of 10 expats were found to be integrating well in Philippine companies.

In 2014, the Philippines was honored the Destination of the Year for 2015 at the 25th Annual TTG Travel Awards by TTG (Travel Trade Gazette) Asia.

Also, Forbes have ranked the Philippines as one of the Top 20 retirement havens of 2015.

And these are only some of the reasons why you should visit the Philippines. Why not try and see it for yourself?

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