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Best Opportunities For Filipino Freelancers

This is an article shared to us by one of our readers. If you are interested in doing freelance work or working part-time at home, you will find this article helpful.

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Best Opportunities For Filipino Freelancers
by Melissa Johnson

Are you looking for career opportunities in the Philippines? Your goals may be difficult to achieve in this country, but the situation is not hopeless at all. The growing online freelancing industry enables Filipinos with different sets of skills to get paying jobs as writers, web designers, translators, accountants, advertisers, and other positions.

If you start looking for the right freelancing portal to join, you may get confused by the many options. The following list of 8 trustworthy websites will help you find jobs as a Filipino freelancer.

1. Freelancer.ph

This is a very popular website for paying clients, who want to get work of different categories done quickly and effectively. That being said, there is a constant offer of available jobs at Freelancer.ph. If you have skills in website development, mobile app design, web design, SEO marketing, business card creation, data entry, logo design or article writing, you can get suitable tasks here.

2. FreelancerCareers.com

At this website, writers with exceptional skills in academic writing can work on projects associated to their interests and skills. Since the work available at FreelancerCareers.com is slightly more complicated (and more profitable!), the company requires you to have a Bachelor, MA or PhD degree, a stable Internet connection and appropriate computer skills.

3. Writers.ph

The name of this website is self-explanatory: it offers opportunities for writers from the Philippines. The platform is very functional, so you can start working without wasting time on unnecessary procedures. Many international clients prefer to hire freelancers at this website, so you can always get a constant stream of writing tasks when you create a profile.

4. iFreelance.com

At this website, you can access available jobs for marketing experts, bloggers, writers, translators, retailers, accountants, and other types of professionals. In comparison to similar platforms, iFreelance.com does not take a percentage of your earnings; the company requests the freelancers to pay low membership fees on monthly basis. If you plan to work a lot and make a decent income, this policy will work in your favor.

5. EssayWriters.net

This website offers a constant flow of orders for academic writers, competitive rewards of up to $30 per page, and 24/7 live support for its users. Once you create a profile and get it approved, you can start completing different types of orders, including case studies, essays, book reviews, technical writing tasks, and more. This website is the perfect choice for experts in legal issues, healthcare specialists, experts in literature, finance writers, and business writing specialists from the Philippines.

6. Compumatrix.ph

This is a multinational web technologies company that develops solutions for payment systems, crowd funding, social media monetization, digital marketing, financial technologies, and more. At this website, you can get a freelance job as a marketing manager or virtual prepaid card distributor. You will be paid in virtual currency, which you can use in various ways. You’ll find all information you need in the FAQ and forum sections at the website.

7. PeoplePerHour.com

At this website, Filipino freelancers can work on tasks from the following categories: sales and marketing; design, writing and translation; web development; software and mobile development; video, photo and audio; business support, and social media.

The website is very convenient to use, which makes it suitable for freelancers with multiple tasks at hand.

8. AsiaWriters.com

This freelance writing organization provides great opportunities for Asian writers. The standards are high, but you’ll get great benefits if you meet them and start working for the clients. The built-in support system will make your job much faster and easier; all you need to do is write and leave the rest to the company. If you work regularly, you’ll make around $700 – $800 per month. Your payments will vary depending on the number of orders you complete.

There are many opportunities for Filipino freelancers!

Before you find the perfect freelance website for your set of skills, you might need to experiment with few alternatives. Don’t be afraid to do that; the 8 websites listed above are a great place to start!

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  1. It’s true, there are a lot of freelancing websites, but they are all not the same. You have to go out and try each, and find out what suites you best.. There always that one, you find to be your home..

  2. Thanks for sharing…actually I’ve been in this business for almost a decade, working at home as a freelancer and now I’m using my system; it helps me a lot generating income online.

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