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Mga Hindi Magandang Airport sa Mundo

Narito ang rating ng NAIA Terminal 1 sa buong mundo at sa Asya.

Frommer’s List of Worst Airports (as of 2012)

1. New York JFK Airport Terminal 3
2. Manila (Philippines) NAIA Terminal 1
3. Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Terminal B/C
5. Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport, Terminal 3
6. Amman (Jordan) Queen Alia Airport
7. New York LaGuardia Airport Terminal C
8. Terminal B at Newark Liberty International Airport
9. Paris’ Beauvais Airport
10. Chicago Midway Airport

Sleeping in Airport’s Worst Airports in Asia (as of 2012) 

1. Manila NAIA Terminal 1
2. Mumbai Airport
3. Islamabad Airport
4. Singapore Budget Terminal Airport
5. Kolkata Airport
6. Jakarta Airport
7. Hanoi Airport
8. Chennai Airport
9. Kuala Lumpur LCCT Airport
10. Bali Airport

2 thoughts on “Mga Hindi Magandang Airport sa Mundo

  1. I’m not sure about the Philippines’ airport being bad…. Heathrow in London is not really that good, nor is Charles de gaulle in France…. But I love san francisco’s.

    1. naia terminal 1 is without a doubt deserving to be in this list, i don’t know about the others…
      could you tell me which of the pages give those 404 not found errors? i couldn’t find them 😀

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